Rae's Cake for Kakak (part 3)

Here are the pictures I took at after the cake was baked. We celebrated the cake cutting session with Kakak on her 33rd Birthday and I took some pictures of her and the girls. As usual, sibling rivalry persists. Lea insisted that she wanted to cut the birthday cake for Kakak. And Rae said SHE baked the cake and that SHE should be the one cutting it..

Gosh, my girls can't spend a day without being quarrelsome. I said it was Kakak's birthday so birthday girl should be the one but guess Kakak also just let them have their own way.. But it was a good experience for Rae. So I suggested to let Lea cut the cake first, then Rae can do it afterwards.. Read further for more story.

Happy Birthday Kakak!

Lea cuts the cake.. dee dum dee dum cut cut cut

Whoaa..I had to stop her before she cuts up everything!!
She just won't stop!

Rae now wants to cut also..MOVE AWAY LEA, IT'S MY TURN!
cut cut cut...gosh they are now DESTROYING the cake!!

more more more

Lucky this was just a small cake.. but the cake was cut into many many pieces following this.. because Lea came over and continue to cut again. It looked like a plate of crumbs! I didn't manage to take pictures cos I was trying to protect the cake!! But anyway it tasted yummy and Rae insisted her cake was the best tasting cake in the whole wide world!


Hazel said...

wow, kakak also got cake one hah happy birthday to her

K3ViN said...

it kinda hard 2 control both of them..... haha... wah soo nice.... kakak sure very happy lor :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

so thoughtful of u all to celebrate kakak's birthday :p

liza said...

lol, both girls are so cute! and the cake looks yummy :)

Farah Deen said...

Lea and Rea are just like my eldest son, Syabil (his sister will be doing the same in a few months time too) LOL I guess, kids love the candles on the cake and using the knife to cut the cake is something they normally don't get to do! :) So sweet of you to bake a cake for 'kakak' :)

Piggy said...

Wah....the birthday girl dun even get to cut the cake ar? But I think she is happy enough to get to eat cake baked by ur daughter :)

artofreed said...

would you give me one ?

Mummy Gwen said...

kakak must be very happy ler, some more appear on yr blog wor..hehe..