Japan Street in Singapore

Remember my post whereby we went to Jurong Point? When I went there, there were many new stores or changes since the last time I went. What was interesting was that they added a new food street at the basement level. I saw the mall's signage poster and decided to check it out. It was a food street on Japan food. It was named Shakutsu 10. I'm not really sure what it meant, but perhaps either my friends Jepunlauee or Kacang who understands and reads Japanese might explain it to me.

The food street was nice. The interior was done up with lots of Japanese props. Look at the large fittings at the top. Like the gigantic fish and the enormous octopus! But they were interesting, indeed. I also love the many little japanese 'vases' on the shelved partitions. It did felt a lot like you are in Japan. There was also a Japanese retail outlet selling groceries in there. Many of the food outlets had the very Japanese looking 'Fake' bowls of food as part of their designs for their store. I love this place because I do like Japanese food a great deal too.

The Entrance

Giant Fish

Food outlets

Are these vases or sake jars?

Lanterns with Japanese Words

Enormous looking Octopus mounting from the top!

Japanese /Food Retail Shop


stay-at-home mum said...

Looks interesting... and I love Japanese things and food too. But its like at the other end of singapore for me. Prob get lost going there!

Constance said...

i know what you mean... i'd get lost too if in unfamiliar roads..hubby is more familiar and gutsy.. We were in Tampines Mall on Sunday, haven't been there since almost a decade ago! Suppose to go Parkway Parade but ended up in Tampines.. hahaha