Hungry Ghosts' Festival

Today is the last day of 7th month, the Hungry Ghosts' Festival (Zhong Yuan Jie in Mandarin). Well, I think so.. hahaha. I was chatting with Lor Mee this morning that I do not have a chinese calendar so I really have no idea. Tomorrow, the resident' committee is organising a Mid Autumn Festival celebration near the Children's playground. I was suppose to go get my tickets but I had totally forgotten about it. I hope they have tickets on sale at the spot tomorrow. I'll be bringing the girls for their Walk the Lantern night.

It is only this year that I've started to participate in the resident's committee celebrations for festive and the community in my estate. Perhaps that is a good thing too. But also, I find that they really have done some good things around and supporting them is my way of saying Thank You too. A ramp was also built nearby for the handicapped for easy access. It is also near the shelter that leads to the school.

Today has been raining non stop. Perhaps like what my mom used to tell me, the rain represents the tears of the 'spirits' who shall have to go back to the gates of 'hell' after being freed for a whole month, gallivanting, and seeing their families.. How about you. Did you mom tell you any story about this.

Before the last hours, you might like to check out this trailer of the Singapore movie, A Month of Hungry Ghost


Umbrella Rec said...

I thought I was the only one without lunar calendar at home. I didn't even know it was a Hungry Ghost Festival until I heard someone talking about it. I traveled during Hungry Ghost Festival. I even entered the jungle. My friend even got married during this period. I guess nowadays, people are no longer as superstitious as the older generation. I haven't encountered anything odd during the "evil month" in my life. Most of the time, I was just freaking myself up when I had to walk alone in the dark, saw a human with long hair in the dark, took the lift alone at night, saw an old lady burning hell's money or even when someone merely mentioned the word "Hungry Ghost Festival" at night during the ghost month.

Constance Chan said...

hahaha.. well the new generation is different. when i was young, i too was just too worried and frightened about going out at night, and going swimming for fear of those spirits pulling down your feet from underneath and taking yr life... those were the myths that was carried down to us. as we grow older, other matters have taken over and these things become almost non existence in my life. i don't even mention these to my kids so they are ignorant about it of course. It will be grandmother stories to them, when i do.