Feet That Stays Comfy

My girls are very fussy when it comes to shoes. They want to have comfortable shoes but often complain about the material that cuts into their sensitive skin. Out of school, they enjoy some time at the park, playground or just cycling around with their friends. They are on their feet most of their time. However, wearing sneakers can be quite bulky and heavy for them to wear in their daily activities. They have been wearing it in school all day so they certainly need something light and suitable for other school activities. Many shoe manufacturers caters to adults and it is hard to find good fitting shoes for my kids. I've seen some that looks just a smaller version of an adult shoe and I cannot imagine how can kids can actually be wearing them day-in and day-out when it is certainly not the very best in comfort. Some of these shoes do not have non-slip soles. They also don't last more than several months.

That was until I found a shoe manufacturer that has a history as far back as 1700s. And what do you know, their main focus target are children. They believe that shoes that are created for little feet should not be the same as for adults. Their objective has always been to create safe, well-fitted and comfortable shoes for children. Startriteshoes.com knows what is best for as young as those learning to walk. Their range of shoes caters from the young pre walkers to a active children who may need sandals, trainers, boots, School Shoes and more. You should take a look at their collection. Not only are they built for comfort, the shoes comes in many different designs and funky colours, perfect for kids. Quality of their shoes are always at their optimum best.

Their website is great for parents and online shoe shoppers. They have tips about how the shape of the shoe would fit, videos on the certain kind of shoe how it should be worn, and they also provide tools and resources about fitting and measuring shoes bought online from their store. You can also refer the the chart to find out the corresponding shoe sizes for UK and EUR.