Fat Burner Review

I have heard of a fat burner by the name of Phenterfein through a good friend of mine. She told me how successful it was for her. I was curious about it so I went searching for the facts. It is not easy to find out the supplement facts of dietary pills. Not many will give you this information as it may prove to be negative towards their sales.

It was until I finally found Sybervision, that not only is brave enough to state the supplement facts of a diet pill but they also will explain in detail what each ingredient is used for. This is very important as some who may have health risk may not take a certain ingredient. I also found out interesting ingredients like Evodia Extract, Salvia Sclarea Extract and Vinpocetine in Phenterfein. Evodia Extract works by telling your brain and body that you are already full. This curbs the urge to eat. Salvia Sclarea Extract is an ingredient that helps to disintegrate fats. Vinpocetine's abilities is to burn fat quickly. No wonder my friend managed to lose weight successfully too.