Get Your Own Portable Sauna

I enjoy going into a sauna room. In the past years, I'd visit one about twice a week. It helps because I do not go for gym workouts or play much sports, thus not really produce much perspiration. The chinese physician that I used to visit advised me that perspiration helps to remove small amounts of waste products from our body. It is very good to improve our health. It helps me to get rid of fatique when I used to work from morning till the evening. The sauna room is a stress reliever for me. However, I like my privacy when I am in one. The sauna room located in my estate is always occupied. Sometimes, I really just want to close my eyes and sit in there without a chat. But when you know the neighbours, you find it hard to be alone. My neighbours can be very chatty indeed.

I discovered this amazing portable sauna on a website. It is as small as your handbag and is portable enough to bring anywhere. This is something which I would love to own. Setting up is easy too. In the bag are, Steamer, Steam Hose, Foot Pump and Power Supply plug for you. You can even bring it with you on your holiday trip if you rent a little apartment.

Just imagine setting it up in your own home, and be able to enjoy your privacy too. That means I can forget about spending time waiting in line for the sauna room.


Tammy said...

I've never used a sauna before, but I do like hot tubs.