Eczema and Other Allergy

I have to admit, I suffer from several allergic reactions. Although I have learnt to live with it after so many years, it takes a toll more on my children who takes after me. My youngest daughter has sensitive skin and breaks into a condition of Childhood Eczema. Although it is not life threatening, I find it hard to control her from scratching and leaving scars. I have tried some creams to lessen the itch but sometimes I worry about the ingredients that are in the cream I applied. How can such a cream suitable for adults be gentle enough for children?

I found an answer to all my troubles. Exederm. This is the cream that was formulated specially for those with sensitive skin - children. Children's skin are sensitive that we need products that do not contain irritants that are commonly found in other products. Some products may claim to be free of Lanolin, but they may have traces of color, dye, parabens and more. Some of these irritants may trigger or cause a series of allergy attacks.

However, not to worry, Exederm DO NOT contain any fragrance, color, dye, parabens, lanolin, SLS/SLES in their formulation. Totally none. They believe that if they can create a cream that can relieve eczema and assist in hydration, and keeping the skin soft and smooth, there is no need for anything else. As such there is not even a need for an FDA regulations on the phrase "hypoallergenic" because the ingredients are just basic pure and natural. SLS are apparent in products like soap or liquid wash and these are irritants that cause the product to foam and bubble up. In Exederm sensitive wash, there is no need for SLS so it is 100% soap free.

Trust in the Exederm product and it will bring you years and years of joy in their irritant free products. Free yourself from unnecessary claims from other purchases. Exederm products are so simple, it is all about treating the problem skin with the right solution. You don't need anything more. Read about the product from exederm site.

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