Yummy Ribeye Cubes

I had the most delicious tasting ribeye meal the other day. This one was from Sakae Sushi.. Lately my eldest girl pestered me to visit sushi bars as she had developed a love for sushis.

Instead of trying the usual Tempura or Unagi meals that I usually do, this time I tried out this Ribeye cuts. This one is served in cubed form, not in a steak cut. But when you pop it into your mouth, it really tastes Heavenly. I can't remember what the name of this dish is called because I ordered it from the computer screen at the side.

The beef was very succulent, and not overdone. It was somewhere between medium and medium well, yet it was still very tender. It gave me the impression like 'melt in your mouth' because I never encountered beef as tender as these. The flavour was somewhat very garlicky and it had bits of crispy salty garlic on it. You don't need any sauce to ago along with it as the natural taste is just perfect.

Ah Boy bought some Ribeye beef cuts the other day. I intend to try something similar like this but not sure if it will be as successful! Otherwise, I shall just grill it as a normal steak and not risk wasting a good cut of beef. Rae loves steaks. So do I.


Kikey Loo said...

too bad i didn't eat beef!!