New Touchscreen Laptop

Ah Boy collected the Free HP laptop two weeks ago. That mini laptop was only 8.9" wide, was supposed to be mine, but he encouraged me to get a regular one at the Asus fair.

For this reason, the free mini laptop goes to him. Upon collection, he decided to top up some money to upgrade into a regular sized laptop so that there is more work that can be done. So he finally topped up $699 to get a regular 12"HP laptop that has a touchscreen. It was quite nice and I really liked the laptop too. It looked like it had some textured surface on the top but it is similar to skin. But I think I better stick to my new Asus laptop that I got because the screen is slightly bigger at 13.3" so I don't have to squint my eyes.

So now all of the sudden we have extra PCs in the house. The girls were eyeing them of course. They want to get on the desktop which I use most of the time. I prefer the desktop because the LCD monitor is large enough for me to monitor ops and blog at the same time. With the laptop, i only have space for one window for easy viewing.

Lea had the chance to play on Daddy's new laptop. She played games using the stylus on the touchscreen.. She learns really fast too! Rae would be on mine when Lea is on another. And when they are bored, they switch with each other. I have to control their computer games. They are so addicted to it!


JO-N said...

Computer games can be quite addictive but if you set some limits, they would soon be less attached to it.

Tammy said...

That's neat the touch screen! Aidan would love it!

little prince said...

She looks like little computer genius in the photo.. hehehe :)