Lea is Dancing Again

Lea is at it again. Showing off her groovy dance while I record it down on my mobile. I had my radio on the other day when she said the music was nice. So I asked if she would do a little dance for me? She said yes, so these are what I've taken. In the first video, she did her own choreography based on what she picks up from school or Hi-5, i gather. That looked very A-Go-Go retro! You must watch it!

In the second video, she was a little bit conscious after dear old sis stood at the side to tease her but she was pretty good with some slow moves.. i wanted to laugh so hard but controlled by covering my mouth with one hand!

First Video


Second Video



Tammy said...

That is so cute! What a little cutie!

-crash- said...

lol.... like mother like daughter bor? shake that booty..!! hahaha.

Kinoko Land said...

your gilrs love music and many videos of her dancing with sis, can be dancer yah :)

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! That is so cute ... she's got the makings of a dancer ... hehehe ...