Give New Moms A Treat Too

Have you often wondered about the gifts that mothers receive when the baby is being welcomed to the world? Many would bring baby gifts like blankets, toys, toiletries, new clothes for the baby. Although these are very much practiced for a long time, perhaps some emphasis should also concentrate on the mom too. As a mother, I know how difficult it is for some to go through pregnancy, labour and care for the infant. So why not send a special basket for mommy and make mommy delighted too?

After the 40 weeks of lugging baby in her womb, aching backs and interrupted sleep, pamper your mommy friends with a pregnancy gift basket. Let the mommy feel appreciated that after all the trouble she is also rewarded to make herself feel good with some toiletry items, aromatherapy, luxury items. She certainly need a boost to feel positive. Some moms suffer from post natal blues so it helps that gifts will put a positive note that she is being thought of. So how about it, if your friends are having a baby, send her a lovely gift basket too.

pregnancy gift basket


Tammy said...

I have to throw a baby shower for my niece sometime next month.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey Constance,
You are soooo right! In fact everytime we have visitors or when we visit friends, the gifts are always for the kids. Last year when my old friend came to visit me, she brought me a present. She said: The kids always get gifts. its time the mum gets the gift isntead. And you know, it really made my day. Now when I meet friends,etc, I dont bring gifts for the kids - only the mum - coz for all the things that mums have done, they sure do deserve a treat once in a while. Go ahead and make her day!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey Constance
sorry, but I still have not found the time to post yet, but will try. My daughter's prelims just ended.Still awaiting offers for the direct schools admissions which should be coming this week, and praying hard!! You take care, and thanks for still keeping an eye out for me!