Tidying Up Kids' Clutter

It is not easy to have an extremely tidy home when you have kids. My kids are always playing and bringing out their toys and stuffs. I get tired picking up after them especially when they always get something new from the cabinet to play with.

The only way to tidy up is to have lots of tidy up containers. I get the kids to pick up all their little toys and put them according to sizes. Sometimes I look up home improvement websites to get ideas on how to tidy up kids' toys without putting them away indefinitely. It is important to have large cabinets that can fit toys of any sizes and shapes. Once the kids cleared their toys and place them in the boxes, in it goes into the large cabinets. And the floor is free of clutter. More tips about space saving can be found in luxuryhousingtrends.com if you need more ideas.


little prince said...

At least, the floor is free of clutter, for tat moment.. haha