No More Merdeka?

I've been reading about the current situation in Malaysia recently. I also realised that the Malaysia Today had been blocked by the Malaysian Government. Even the tongues are wagging now in Singapore. What has become of Malaysia? It is very messy. What a joke it has become. When people ask me about what is happening, I can only shake my head. Are you all feeling the patriotism of Merdeka that is just around the corner?

I hope that when all the politics have died down, whoever that sits at the top and management Malaysia will do it well, based on justice and equality. Sometimes I wished they would take a lesson from Singapore. Here even the minority race are given equal benefits just like everyone. Buying government flats, health benefits, baby benefits, tax exemptions,

Whatever the race, religion or colour of the skin, as long as you are fair to all races and create a true blue Malaysian, then the country will be peaceful and harmonious. If you create too much segregation and classification on races or religion, there will never be equality. And after the minorities have been neglected, the majorities will take more and they end up segregating themselves and fight among themselves for money and power.

Have the people forgotten about the true blue value of achieving Merdeka?


Umbrella Rec said...

The political situation in Malaysia is like a joke these days. Price of petrol going up and down. When it goes up, the price of everything goes up! Thanks to the poor financial management of you know who! Due to election in Permatang Pauh lately, he decided to reduce the price (a dirty tactic of Malaysian politicians as usual). Does the price of everything come down? Dream on! His bad decision has caused misery to the common people. I have observed him making bad decision too many times. He often felt bad at one point and tried to revert what he did (not 100% U-Turn though) to make himself looks better. Unfortunately there's no turning back. I can't wait for his down fall. Forget about Merdeka celebration and lecturing people about the meaning of Merdeka when they themselves are destroying the country, they should focus on cleaning up their mess.