My Freezer is Full

It's time to clear my freezer! I went to the market this morning, hopefully to get some prawns. I love prawns and sometimes I can't help but buy half a kilo of them whenever there are fresh ones around. I pack them into little portion in the freezer most of the time. Since the past two weeks, I hardly cook much as I try to get the kids to drink more soup and clear the bad heat in this terrible weather. Yet I have been buying and buying until my helper told me she thinks perhaps we need to clear lots of stuff in the freezer! So I went to take a look and she was right!

Look! I didn't realise that I had that much stuff in there. This is not the main fridge but the ones where I store all the raw meat and seafood mostly. My main fridge stores vege, fruits and others. I guess we'll be eating lots of home cooked food for quite a while, ya.. I have a terrible craving for rendang, actually.


Tammy said...

I have to clean my freezer out too. There is so much stuff in it I have no idea what's in there. LOL

Constance Chan said...

there used to be a lady i knew who became a vegan. she found a lamb leg in her freezer so i think she had not cleaned it out for years!

Sue said...

Yea..i also crave for curry..you can cook for me...lol