Make A Date With The Moon This 27th August

I received this through email today from an old school mate. Knowing that i love astrology, she sent me this information. On this 27th August, don't forget to watch for the moon. Not just one but you will see two moons!

60,000 years ago was the time when Mars was near to Earth. And now it will be traveling nearer this 27th August. It will be special. Because to our naked eye, the planet Mars will be as bright as the moon. So during the date 27th August, you may be able to catch it next to the moon at 12.30am. Thus you might rub your eye thinking that you are seeing double vision. But you are not, obviously.

Here is a picture of how it may look like. According to reports, the next time you get to see this again will be in year 2287!


Kikey Loo said...

thanks for sharing, i will see if i remember... :)

12.30am is Malaysia Time??

Coriander Dreams said...

Thanks for the info Constance :)

Btw, am back! Haven't bloghopped as I was sick. Limited to just doing my site to keep up! But I am well now. :) Thank YOU!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever is left of it!


Anonymous said...

I received an email about this too but have totally forgotten until I read your blog.

Hope I can remember to take a look at the moon tonight :)