Tai Pei Buddhist Centre in Singapore

Each time when we drive towards the Lavendar area, I'd be fascinated by a building. This building is the Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, located at Lavender Street. It is because my eyes are always drawn to the top of the building whereby a Buddhist statue is seated right at the top. Although it may not be a large one but somehow there is this peculiar feeling that I have to look up. Look at this picture I took not too long ago. In fact I had been taking many pictures of the same thing for the past year! I just could not feel the satisfaction to use the previous pictures. And I feel that this one is also not good enough as I wanted to show the entrance plaque as well. But like always, this road is usually busy and lots of cars just get in my way.

I took this just over the weekend when we were heading for Suntec City. We ALWAYS make a wrong turn at the expressway and always end up at Bendemeer and towards Lavendar. Is that a sign or something.