Normal People, Quirky People

For someone who loves to read, the monthly Reader's Digest that I subscribe by post is never enough, so reading articles and more from their online site is a good option. My favourite reads are Amazing Stories, Inspiring People and Advice and Know How. These stories, articles and advice columns are interesting and provide lots of real life situation and information about people, in general.

Recently, under the Advice and Know How columns, there was a Q&A relating to the subject Are You Normal or Nuts?. It provides many insights to real situations from people who write in for advice about the quirky habits or fears they face and wanted to know how normal they actually are, or not. In this topic, a reader wrote about his fear of heights. Now I believe this phobia is very common, and I have to admit that I am one of them. However this reader's quirky phobia was not about fear of falling.

It was about his desire to jump off the high places and he is afraid he will actually do that! That sounds very dangerous indeed!

He wrote in to ask how normal is that. I myself have a similar desire, not about heights. Whenever I walk on a road, sometimes I get this terrible desire to rush into the center of the road when a car is approaching and just stand there. It is a desire about wanting to see what sort of instant reaction he will actually take, if he will run me over or he will swerve away. How normal is that, certainly not! But thank God, my fear about causing fatalities and accidents is stronger than the desire to just run into a road.

Do you have any quirky habits? Perhaps it's time to pose this question to yourself. Are You Normal or Nuts? We are all human, after all. No one is perfect. You might want to read some Reader's Digest Laughs for some entertainment in your free time.

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Tammy said...

My grandmother used to get those and I remember reading them as a kid while we visited her.

Constance said...

i used to read them often in my schooldays until this year when hubby decided he needed more reading material in the loo...hahahah