Chicken Biscuits

A friend of mine goes to Johor often for meals. She recently spend the National Day weekend there and drove up to Malacca. We wanted to go as well but decided against the idea as we didn't want to be caught in the causeway jam. My friend obviously had a good time and brought back lots of food stuff as well as a tan! I have not really been doing much activity lately. Perhaps I should go out and exercise more. I feel so lethargic all the time.

My friend bought me some stuff. She got these chicken biscuits at only RM$3.00 and some tambun biscuits too. She bought them in Johore. I always thought chicken biscuits come from Perak, but I guess they are made available anywhere now.


Zooropa said...

Yeah those "chicken biscuit" & "tambun biscuits" originally are from Teluk Intan but we can get it everywhere now even in some of the shopping malls.