Know Where The Predators Are

Security issues around your neighborhood should never be taken lightly. Would you feel safe leaving your kids alone at home or at the park playing by themselves? In the United States, the public is kept informed of the whereabouts of Sexual Predators who may live in your neighborhood. This refined law was named as Megan's Law. It was named so, after a young child - Megan Kanka who was brutally raped and killed after being kidnapped. The neighborhood had no idea that a violent sex offender had moved into Megan's neighborhood, just across the street from the victim's family. This traumatic incident prompted the law to refine to protect all innocents in the neighborhood by listing out the location of residence of each Sexual Predators, by name, picture, address and more information online, just by entering the zip code.


U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, yes, keep an eye on your kids always.
Its the same everywhere, there's always these wierdos who prey on children....
Here the schools have education classes for very young grade school kids to beware of strangers at all times....and they learn to call the cops, mummy or whoever if any problems.

For that matter I keep an eye on my wife when she goes on mall walkabouts. Even though Canada or Toronto is a safe city, I am always taking that extra step, rather be safe then sorry...even though my wife past 60, she still gorgeous, ahemmm, so at malls when se shops, I sit on a bench keeping an eye on her, apart from ha ha, straying abit when some mini skirts pass by, ha ha.
You have a nice day, keep well, Lee.