Blinds and Shades

I have been meaning to do up the extra room as a study or reading room. It is important to keep this room clutter free since we do have a big collection of art books, cookery books, and lots of kids' storybooks. Currently, we have curtains in the room. The sun shines into the room brightly in the afternoon so we need to draw the curtains to block it. However the wind that is blowing into the room is so strong that my curtains are blowing violently all over the place knocking things down.

To solve this problem, I am considering installing a fuss free sunshade. One of my friends recommended me a link to a shades blog. I was a little apprehensive about installing blinds although I liked it's fuss free and streamlined look. Also the impression of blinds are that not only are they expensive, they are also difficult to install. But I was wrong. In this site, I found some Cheap Vertical Blinds that would have cost me three times more. Also, my fears about measurement and installing woes were all featured here in detailed and the correct way is written out clearly step by step.


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Anonymous said...

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