Watch Frontier(s) with your Best Friend

I've just made a date with my good friend to watch Frontier(s). Frontier(s) is the horror flick that we are planning to see when it hits the theater on 9th of May soon. This show is definitely going to bring you sitting at the edge of your seat. It has enough of gory, blood and spine chilling parts enough to make a grown man weak in the knee. This story revolves about the only lady and the several men who are crooks and how they tried to escape from the police. They succeeded in running away and hideout is in a hostel, unknowingly owned by a group of neo-Nazi cannibals. Well their hideout got them into more trouble when they find themselves trapped and being staked by these cannibals.


Watching the trailer is also kinda spooky. The sound effects are great and the scenes are very dark, mysterious and creepy. This movie, by French writer-director Xavier Gens, is not rated. Unrated movies usually do not get into the big screens in the theater but this one got it. It's set to be a "Die For" horror-suspense-thriller that is set to spook the world by storm. Not suitable for those under 16 years of age. Grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or anyone who is bolder than you. You will need it! Time for me to select theater listings. The DVD will be released just days after the theater's release. View the trailer now and you will know why it's going to be one that you will remember for a long time.

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jepunlauee said...

thanks for the information,I will go to see it once it it is shown in japan..coz I locve horror movies..hehehe..