Natural Looking Silk Plants

I love nature, trees and gardens. However, living in a high rise building leaves me very little opportunity to have greens as these need lots of maintenance and proper planters pot. I also have to worry about water that may stay stagnant. The authority from the national environment agency and volunteers comes to check in our homes very frequent like few times a month to make sure we do not have stagnant water in little nooks or areas that can breed mosquitos that cause dengue fever.

However I have found a great idea to have plants in my house for decorative purpose and to create the ambience I want. A home that looks green enough yet without much maintenance. That is to have fake plants in my home. Did you know that artificial trees, plants and flowers are a wonderful and it looks as good as a real plant. I don't have to bother about fertilizer, watering, and dirty soil that may cause bugs or insects to be crawling among the pots too.

One other concern when having real plants would be pollens. Dust and pollens are a pest to my eldest daughter who has a sensitive nose. My youngest daughter recently has been having rashes that has no conclusive result yet. Due to this, I have to monitor her as close as possible with regards to food and things around the house. With these problems in mind, I have to get rid of even my little herb pot in my kitchen. I am now replacing real plants with silk plants in my living hall and balcony. These plants look as good as real. They have been designed with quality in mind and they make outstanding gifts to your friends, business contacts and families. Giving these beautiful plants that lasts will definitely mean you will remembered for as long as the plants survived, and that is for a long, long time. No dropping leaves, the leaves are healthy green all the time!

Sponsored by Silk Fair