Yummy Filipino Food

We had Filipino food at the Charity Fair organised by the Church last weekend. It was nice. My ex-colleaugue who is also from the Philliphines shares recipes with me from her mother's homemade recipe.

Milkfish, which is available and cheap in Singapore is a favourite of hers. She also made Chicken Adobo when she visited and I really loved it. Adobo is considered a national dish in the Philiphines. It is somewhat a cross between the yummy barbecued chicken or the masak merah chicken. Look at the stall at the fair. It was doing brisk business that day.


Bravespirit said...

Nice you to feature the Filipino Food in your blog. Really, we have a lot of delicious meals here, just like singapore. Adobo is to die for!


thanks for the compliments about filipino food. I also like singapore, malaysia and indian foods, (noodles, curry, nasilemak,nasigoreng) to named a few)whew im super hungry thinking of this foods...hope can visit singapore soon to try all this yummy foods