Games at the Fun Fair

I wanted to post the pictures of the Charity fun fair that we were at last Sunday. It was really good fun. The proceeds of the sales were for Charity and we bought about $60 worth of fun fair tickets to participate in the games and buy from the food stalls. I will post the games stalls here first and do a post on the food later on.

We had fun with the games. The games were priced about $2 or $3 per game. Lea managed to play only once because there were too many eyes on her. Rae although shy played the games and she enjoyed it tremendously.

Here are some of the games in the fair.

This was fun for Rae, rolling the ball (3 balls per game) and scoring points.

The kids in the kindy made 'pints' and borrowed balls for a game of 'bowling'. One of the this 2 game stalls was manned by Lea's nursery teacher. Lea also had a go at the game because she knew both teachers. She didn't get any pints knocked down but was given complimentary tries and a gift.

This game requires the player to throw a sack or ball into the monster's mouth. Most of the boys liked to play this one. They seemed to have such great time with this game. Rae had a go at these.

This stall was set up next to the Fish for a Prezzie Stall, see picture. They get a fishing rod with a hook and get to hook presents up. The numbers are exchanged for prizes from this stall. Rae fished for a present and got a little pink Alarm Clock!