Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree LOVE IT OR HATE IT

I was in IMEEM recently looking for some songs when I saw a name Fool's Garden. Oh this was the group that made themselves suddenly popular in Asia with their one particular pop song - Lemon Tree, in 95 or 96, more than a decade ago. I'm not sure how many of you have heard that song but I believe there were also different catchy tunes of this song in other languages too.

Fool's Garden is a German Pop Group that was formed way back in 1991. Their debut album, Fool's Garden was dedicated to John Lennon and it featured a Beatles' song "Cry Baby Cry."

I searched for their hit song Lemon Tree and listening to it brings me back to working during the mid to end 90's with some British colleagues and what was astonishing was that although this song was met with disapprovals, by the end of the week, everyone was hilariously humming and singing to it's catchy beat.

Here is the video for memories, for your listening pleasure. *wink*


Ling That's Me said...

I wonder how, I wonder why ....
haha...this song certainly revokes some memories :)

Joze Foo said...

i remember this songs...i was in my teens...at first it was a hit but it was the songs was played everywhere...after listening for it sometimes started to hate it