Charity Funfair

On Sunday was the day when we went to a Charity Food and Fun Fair, organised by a Church. We had bought tickets and Lea had been talking about it for almost a month. When the girls woke up, they were pestering us to get up and get ready for it.

We wore casual and along the way, we were worried if we should have put on something more smart as Sunday is a day whereby most people would have donned their Sunday best after Mass. But since we were already like 400 metres away, we thougnt why not give it a try. The car park had been occupied by tents so the sign asks for cars to be parked at the school carpark next building. But the carpark was already fulled. So we had to make a turn after the church and turn in on the little road that goes around the church. There were cars along these roads too. Gosh, and we thought we were early since it was just after 9am and the Fair, is until 2pm. We managed to find parking just next to a residential playground when some people were leaving after mass. How lucky.

So off we were to the food and fun fair. I shan't have too much about the Fair all at once since it will be too long. I'll post about the games and food in more posts to come. Here are some pictures taken.

Making our way to the church building

The Crowd outside

A banner to lead the way to the games stalls