Reality TV Shows are Great

We are really spoilt for choice when it comes to dramas, comedies, romance, intrique, mystery and even Reality TV Shows. I am a big fan of reality TV. Have you ever watched Super Nanny? I love that show. As a mom, I do face some of what the parents in the show does, like tantrums and rude behaviour. It is good to learn about these issues here and see how it can be corrected before jumping into conclusion that there is no cure for some attitudes. I can watch them over and over again.

The other addiction is The Apprentice. This one is really interesting because smart people do gossip and bitch and moan. You also get to see how these people use their wit and compete against team members just to stay on top. It's a wonderful show and very true to life what the working people. Catch the reality tv news on realitybug.com and you wont miss the news about what is happening. You can also catch some old episodes of the seasons here too if you are living in US. They are in full episodes.