Live Eels

Whenever I am out for a meal, I love to indulge in Japanese Food. But not all Japanese Food that I fancy. Especially the raw ones and cold noodles. I really do not know how to appreciate those. I'm happy just having my Grilled or Barbequed Unagi. In Sushis, Noodles or Rice, I just love it. And not to forget with lots of Wasabi in little soya. Yummy!

I always see these live eels in the market, supermarkets and hypermarts. I wonder if these eels will taste the same way as those Japanese Restaurants serve? But how do u errr... disect an eel. Should I say kill? How about cook? Anyone knows how to do it. I bet I have no guts at all. I think I better play it safe and get the unagi that has been cooked or barbecued and exported over. But just a little curious, how does one cook eel - fresh and live ones.


Anonymous said...

i have never kill or cook and live eel too, in jpn always cooked or barbecued one sold in the market, so easier loh.