Lunch at Suntec City

Yesterday, as usual, Sundays are spent as family day. This weekend is also in conjunction with Singapore's Family Week celebration whereby many places are giving special price for family day outing. We figured there will be big crowds at the usual family-day-out places, like Zoo, Birdpark, Duck tours, Hippo rides and also the new Singapore Flyer that had just been launched. Singapore Flyer is the observation wheel that you can sit on watch breathtaking sights of Singapore and beyond. It is also the largest observation wheel in the world so if you are in Singapore do make it a point to pay this place a visit.

We wanted to have a nice family lunch at a restaurant so we headed to Suntec because it was a place with many restaurant varieties. I am a fan of Tony Romas restaurant, which is famous for it's ribs. I love their beef ribs in there. It was my day to select a restaurant since it was Mother's Day.. (and no Bak Kut Teh, for once.. please!)

Suntec has many food outlets with 5 tower buildings closing in on their Fountain of Wealth, we took some time searching fruitlessly for Tony Romas. In case you are wondering what is this Fountain of Wealth, it is a very large water feature or fountain, known as the largest in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was built with 5 towers shaped like a palm closing in and is claimed as one of the best fengshui features for success. This is the place whereby many would come at 8pm in the evening to walk into the fountain three rounds, clockwise for that blessing of wealth. There are specific openings during the other times of the day for walks too but I've heard that the 8pm walks prove to be the luckiest one so far.

So we were in Tony Romas restaurant when we discovered that they had no regular menu for the day. (It was Mother's Day, how can we forget) I didn't like the menu, really cos I wanted the Beef Ribs so we left the place and decided to go for Sizzlers, instead. Sizzlers was also having their special buffet menu so we decided to give it a try. I didn't take photos on the food cos I felt that it being buffet, was just basically food on the plate. It was ok but the price was about $26++ per person (3 adults, 2 kids for us) plus 2 other ala carte main course. I figured the total bill came up to about $150 including taxes.

The kids had a great time because they helped themselves with helpings of soup, fruits and ice cream and gorged enough of those with extra helpings of chocolate sauce, caramel and toppings... After our lunch, we went to our favourite family entertainment center!


Kikey said...

ur girls so so cute!!

Zooropa said...

I'm going to try Tony Romas soon since everyone is talking abt it recently. BTW, ur gal is naughty huh?!...