Holidays Coming

Now that the school holidays are around the corner, I am also looking for activities for the girls. I know they love anything that has to do with art and crafts but I thought I'd like them to do something more outdoor since they are home most of the time. The last holidays, there were activities like tennis clinics and swim clinics at the club but apparently I don't see any starting for this May-June holidays. The school holidays will be for about 3-4 weeks and they start school somewhere in the third week of June.

I think they will like going to theme parks in the east and we probably might arrange for a night out at the chalet and barbeque as usual. I better check the dates and see if they are available. It is really very popular and difficult to get a chalet in the east during this time. Hopefully Rae has met the minimum requirements for height for some rides! She will be so disappointed if she won't be able to sit on the cycle monorail at the top. She had tried to get a ride 3 times and thrice, she didn't meet the minimum requirements!


JO-N said...

Happy holidays to you in advance. Hope your plan worked out and hope that you would enjoy yourselves.