Dragon Ball Figures

This mean figure is called Dragonball? I'm not really sure. It's a Japanese figurine. The box had the name Dragonball on it. We have two of these. One is this and another one is a shorter figure with the yellow hair. See the box and see what I mean.

What do people do with these? Are they warriors? Are they heroes or beasts? I am not into Japan anime or anything close to that. So anyone out there is a fan? What does it do? Is this a comic figure? Tell me Tell me!! My girls find them 'so ugly'. Their words. Daddy puts them on the display cabinet but he has no idea what they are.. hahahah. What a peculiar family we are. Want to know how we got these?


Joze Foo said...

Dragon ball Z ar...didnt really watch but i knew Muten Roshi is a perverted fellow....akakaka... But they picture you show is Dragon Ball GT another sequel for Dragon Ball Z...i didnt watch before cos i dun have anime channel anymore

Goku said...

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