The Food

This is the tent-full of people at the Charity Fair. This tent houses the food stalls. There are many types of food in the food fair. We have varieties like Hungarian, Kerala, Nyonya, Filipino. We got there about 9am and thought we were early but guess what! As the day got closer to noon, the crowd started pouring in, it was hard to move. You'd either get stuck in the tent and have to make small snail's move to slowly manoeuvre out to the open space. The tent was set up in the car park outside the church. We left the charity fair late morning when it was getting hot.

I didn't try all the food in there. The Spicy Mee Goreng from one of the stalls made an impression. Totally yummy. It was too packed and the girls were pestering to go to the building where the games are. There were there for the games, daddy and I wanted to check out the food. We gave up and went to the game stalls. The girls also got their balloons and their popcorn.


jepunlauee said...

This charity fair food is must buy coupons or pay cash?
Before I went to one in my area food charity fair..really expensive lo,their food..but what to do,they are for charity...but I still believe ,even the cash is for charity,they should not sell those food at so high price...what do you think??

Constance Chan said...

we bought coupons for these. but surprisingly the food sold was not expensive. it was about $2 to $5 range. average about $3. but ya some charity sell their food items much more expensive. this one had many variety and is very good. we bought more coupons on location too.