Online Convenience

Last few days, I was at Popular to get a book when I also got an educational CDrom for Lea. It was a Disney's Mickey learning cd about Getting Ready for School. She likes Mickey and Minnie characters and wanted to buy it. Howeever when we brought if back we couldn't seem to get it installed. It couldn't complete the installations for whatever reason I am not sure. I had checked the minimum requirements for installation and there shouldn't be any problem. I don't have any applications running and I had just chosen the standard installation. But when I tried to uninstall the program and reinstall, it didn't happen. It was really frustrating. I had bought many educational CDRoms and I never encountered such problem before.

I tried to install it for almost a day. I gave up and decided to bring it back to Popular. The people at Popular asked me to call the tel no at the back of the CDrom assistance but I thought I rather just get a refund because that meant I have to wait till Monday. All that trouble for a child's cdrom? I asked the lady at Popular to try it on her office PC cos if it was not user friendly, I'd really not buy it. She also tried and found that she had the same problem. So now instead of looking for cdroms for my girls, I am searching online instead. And I found this Yahoo Kids' website which was also cool with games and more.