Who is this Artiste?

Last weekend, the mall was terribly packed. The crowd was as if there was some artiste or concert with cameras and girls in groups. I went over to check it out and saw that there was a platform stage and lots of cordoned area and many security personnels. Many people who were there were carrying a small book a little squarish and smaller than an A4 paper. I also saw premiums, posters and books on sale. So many were busy taking photos and the reporters were all flashing their lights at the stage. There was a table and people were queing up, guided by the security personnels to go up to this STAR, shake his hands, some gave gifts, flowers and some took pictures.

So what was it about. I figured the autograph session must be a launch of a new book? It was a Chinese book with lots of photos. But since I couldn't read chinese and don't recognise who this STAR is, I just figured he must be a popular Author.

I took some pics myself and of the crowd. Yesterday, i checked with Dragon about this STAR since he does read chinese books and comics. Showed him some pics and he told me it was no book author but a singing artiste.

So any of you recognize this Artiste?


Eddie Wong said...

hahahahaha.....so who are they?

siewSiANlang said...

hahahhahaha,am sorry that I forget to let you know that I'll be there.it's me la,the star of the day.

Joze Foo said...

The first picture got Jolin Tsai- she quite famous and oso Jay Chou ex-gf..

The book 1 is Mayday..

Ya both are singers not author... Nowadays a lot of celebrity oso produce they own books