Live A Day As A Dockers' Pants

What would your day be if you were a pair of pants? These was one of the challenge that was posed to me. Peculiar as it may be, it's kinda fun and challenging to think in terms of being something that is not human.

I'd love to be brought to places, of course. Pants are also made for walking, climbing, lots of outdoor, being in a party and not to mention the comfort that clings on your master when he is golfing away. I am pretty sure, my day would start off as being chosen among so many in my master's wardrobe. And if I were a Docker, I'd have no worries. I'd be traveling everywhere. Yes. I bring comfort, elegance and I am in demand. A Docker pants certainly is among the best in the world. Dockers has been reputedly being in the front line of fashionably smart casual wears since their inception in San Francisco, the birthplace.

So now if I were to convert my thoughts of being a pair of casual pants, I'd be able to submit a video with some art directions based on my travel trips as a Docker pants. I'm sure you will to. Do you have something creative than this? Then the Dockers contest is for you. The winning entry or highly rated by viewers will have a good chance of having their 30 seconds video aired in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Yes, the winning entry gets that publicity. Read about the contest rules and make your submission before the 29th of May, 2008. Well, you can view other contestant's entry too. Rate them if you think they are good.


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