Sheryl Crow Rocks

In April, through BDMM, I wrote a post about my favourite Artist of mine. Sheryl Crow. I've been listening to her music for many years and I really like her unique voice. In the post yesterday, I received a package of gift items in return for the post. It was a DVD concert of her, a Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisturiser and another Toiletry item. I was really glad because I never get enough of her music. Even now, I have it playing on my television and my two young girls are gyrating away to her concert... hahaha I have pictures for you here. Check it out.

I just want to say thank you to BDMM for giving me the opportunity to write and make money blogging. I am sure all the BDMM supporters too stand by Elina and cheer her on, whatever happens. The people of BDMM has always been present, we will be patient while you build the website again.


Rozella said...

I love Sheryl Crow!