Email Marketing Program That Cost You Nothing

Most bloggers I know are very particular about traffic. They want to know if their blog is popular and where their visitors come from. In order to know these statistics, they subscribe to various marketing programs in order to increase the traffic and promote their blogs.

Some bloggers provide not just personal information about themselves and their lives but they are basically content providers. It could be a niche e-book, resource or even inportant information about a product, service or the latest news and events. How does one increase their visitors, new ones or even old ones back to their site? By sending information to the visitors' inbox. There are marketing programs that can do just that. Such marketing programs do charge a certain fee for these service.

You may be please to know that such a program is offered by Zookoda. It is an email marketing application, with features to drive traffic to your blog, sends scheduled blog/content information to the visitors inbox, enhance your blog with your customized newsletter subscription forms and more. The best part about these features that not only do these match or better some marketing programs out there, Zookoda is provided FREE. With Zookoda, one can access their information about their visitors through reports in real time. Visitors with mobile usage also will not be left out as you can also have your blog information sent to the visitors in text format.

Register with Zookoda and see for yourself the benefits of this free marketing program.

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Aurelius Tjin said...

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