Big Foot Slippers

My desktop cleaning brought me to discover so many more photos which were everywhere! I had better start filing my stuff in their proper folders. I saw this cute photo of Rae when she was about 6 years and was wearing my bedroom slippers. Whenever I put these on, my girls all burst into giggles! Even my helper does that. It is a big foot bedroom slipper! I adore it absolutely!

This hilarious thingy was a gift from the girls' Godma and it makes me smile whenever I am wearing them. I have it worn only downstairs because my girls love to put their little feet in them and walk around. I worry that if I have them upstairs, it would be too big for their little feet and it is dangerous to wear it walking down the stairs.


K3ViN said...

wah look very cute wor........ i like her smile...... sooo sweet nia

Kacang Puteh said...


Anonymous said...

cheeky cheeky girl,showing off her cute under pant,funny :-)