Boston Lobster

Another of my marketing post. Have you ever tried Boston Lobster? It is really delicious. In fact I think most Lobsters are delicious. I am a fan of Lobster Thermidor, the lobster that has been baked in yummy cheese! You can get that in most Western Restaurants. I am not sure what is the market price lately because I have an allergy that is called hives. If I were going to be consuming seafood, I have to take some allergy tabs so that I will not be suffering from Hives. Look at the Live Boston Lobster. It cost $25 each in Giant. I also love Crabs. I love to eat Chilly Crabs and Black Pepper Crabs too. They are just sooo yummy. In Singapore, it is very popular, Chilly Crab or the Black Pepper Crab. One can get alot of Seafood in the East Coast Seafood or just about anywhere you can find a kopitiam.

But if you want hotel style quality seafood, I think Ah Hoi's Chilly Crabs are just yummy. Ah Hoi's is at Traders Hotel at the Tanglin Location or just next to Tanglin Shopping Centre. I used to work in Grange Road so I'd take a walk to Ah Hoi's with colleagues for the crabs. Number one!


Anonymous said...

Which Giant was this?

Constance said...

Giant in IMM