Win a MacBook Air with Secondbrain's Official Launch

Our brain functions like a library where all the addresses, resources and information are stored into little cells. So when we need some information, we know where to get it once it is in our mind and when we do not, we start searching, asking or do a little research in all the places we think we can get information. With new information, we store it in the brain library and use it when the time arrives. Secondbrain takes a look at basically the same concept, except that it is found online. A personal online library, it collects information and resource from many other sources, organize the content, and even keep track and update when necessary. In this place is where you can find the people that shares same content like a pool of library, and make contact with other users.

A brilliant idea to bring people together and sharing resources. It will be officially launched in end of May and even before the end month, is seeing a steady stream of visitors, registrations, and content building up. This is also the place whereby you handle all your personal bookmarks and web content in one place. No worries if you are on the road or traveled to other countries and need to remember the websites that you had bookmarked at home. This is the place you can manage all your searches, photos, video and information. It is your personal content library.

In conjunction with the upcoming official launch is the Secondbrain Macbook Air contest whereby those who have registered with Secondbrain, added some content, created his own personal collection of content may stand to win a MacBook Air. Other prizes in the list includes Xbox 360, ipod Nano and Amazon gift certificates. It is simply easy because all you need is to have the best combination of personal content and community and you will able to own one of the launching prizes. Hurry up and register now. This contest is open before the launch, end of May.