Death Note, Japanese Manga in Movie

Fans of Japanese Manga Series, DeathNote fans would be pleased to know that a movie version by the title Death Note is available. A story about good turns bad from the influence of power is a good education in life. It revolves around a bored high school student, Light Yagami who found a mysterious notebook that had been misplaced by the God of Death, Ryuk. The notebook has a special supernatural power that will wipe out whoever that has his name listed on the notebook. Faced by the intention of killing all evil from earth, Light started to bring justice to his own hands. However, when he realized that he is being monitored suspiciously by the police, his greed and wants of keeping the notebook started him wiping out law enforcement agents.

Like the movie? Well it will be screened in US, nationwide on May 20th and 21st, 2008. Don't miss your chance to watch it during these two days. Check out ifathom.com for a listing of the cinema near you.

I wouldn't mind having supernatural powers, frankly. Something like being able to move at lightning speed. I'm always short of time lately. It would be great to do things zippy with supernatural powers. Perhaps it is just my wishful thinking.

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jepunlauee said...

talking about supernatural powers,if I can have that...I wish I can be in penang and in japan at the same time...impossible,hor??

Constance Chan said...

hahahah.. not impossible. can dream about penang while physically still lying in your room in japan.