Those Were The Days

When I was young, I did not get the chance to play with my own Lego toys. My parents bought me those brown coloured wooden brick toys that you can build houses with. There was something similar to Lego that I had but I was pretty sure it wasn't Lego. Or I could be wrong.. Dad made the master pieces out for my sis and I - mine was a little house with red roofs and my sis' building was either a church or a little tower. That was such a long time ago.

It was that little Playmobil that trigger the old memories when I was young. I love building houses, farms and animals. Perhaps that was my route to decision making days whereby I chose ambitions like being a Vet and Interior Designer, before settling for Graphic Designer in the end. Blood and Calculations did not co-exist in my system. Layouts, Illustrations and Alignments were more of my fetishes that I fed on to complete myself.

These days, kids get everything they want. Any hint of toys that prove to be educational, the parents will just buy them, no reservation about costs. How lucky the kids are now. In our time, we played with mostly handmade toys and we used lots of things around us to create and build. It was fun while it lasted and probably made lots of kids at that time more initiative to be more hands on and be great inventors of today.

We had marbles, rubberbands to skip and hop, bean sacks for five or seven stones, and we played lots of tag and chasing around. Kids those days were more active and spent more time outdoors compared with now whereby our parents keep us at home mostly to prevent spread of virus. Boy, we didn't worry about virus outbreak in those times. We'd be eating tamarinds and rambutans from the tree and looking for spiders and how we would buy those iceballs and eat with our bare hands. I don't remember getting to the washroom to wash my hands! hahaha Now is different. I carry with me a little pack of antiseptic wipes if there is no washbasin.


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