Save Environment and Money by Sharing

It takes a bit of getting used to, but this is one habit that we should be learning from. When we were young, we were taught about sharing our things with our siblings and friends. Now that we are older, this habit should be something we should be looking at now that many things have their prices gone up.

Sharing. Have you ever thought about getting together being neighborly and share things, like tools, equipments that could have saved you money. Take for example, the vacuum cleaner. How often do you vacuum your house. Wouldn't we be able to save cost if you were to share it with your neighbor and take turns using it? And your neighbour would also be able to share his lawn mover with you. Trade DVDs, Books, even the newspaper. Or some items can be rent for a small fee. Some of use may not use some equipments lying around at home and we just let if collect dust.

There is a website whereby you can register as a NEIGHbor member and save money by borrowing from each other. It is a good way to save our environment, space and certainly gives you from buying things you will use just a few times. It think it's a smart move. Join www.neighborrow.com now.

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Rome Mele said...

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I had written an article for the same... but how do you listed on the people who have accepted this opportunity... am kinda new to socialspark... so please let me know.
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