Show Me The Chickens

Lea's new school is impressive. Set on sprawling land, it even has it's own garden patch of vegetables that the children potter about learning gardening and botany. Just outside their classes are small pots where they grow their seedlings of kangkong and spinach from. When the vegetables have grown into stable seedlings, they are being transferred into the plot of land of kid's vegetable garden.

She also wanted to show me the little chicken coop. I was really glad that this school has enough space for rearing of chickens. These are very educational for young children as kids growing from concrete jungles may not even have the exposure of seeing a real chicken before. The only way to get to see these feathered friends are in the kids' zoo! I was tempted to buy some little chicks and put them at the back balcony but I wasn't sure what I would want to do if they grow up to be hens or roosters. My neighbours might complain about their early morning calls... and would I get fined for keeping such feathered animals in my home?


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Anonymous said...

wow, i like her kindergarten too, the yard looks spacious hor.... so nice to have real animals and veggies too. =)