Get Your Webcam Out for Dockers


Dockers created an icon in fashion wear when it created Khaki pants in 1986. It was the most widely adopted fashion trend you could see in models, movie stars and designers. It became such a familiar piece of fashion that till today the Classic Khaki Pants is still very much sought for. Many prominent figures have found that wearing a pair of Khaki pants comfortably takes them through a busy day at the office and follow up to a golf session for networking. It was the most widely adopted fashion styles because of the neutral colours and it just oozes comfort. One can even see celebrities like Tiger Woods wearing such Khaki pants in his tournament days. That is how much comfort and confidence one has in a trend.

A year later, if was jubilation when it created the women's line. Over the years, it increased it's line from head to toe apparel and it was not surprising to find everyone owning at least of a Dorkers' trendy product.

If you check out their stores, you will notice that their apparel comes in shades that are so natural, easy to match and very pleasant. I love the streamlined look that is prominent in most of their clothes from the Tops, Skirts, Pants and even outdoor wear like T-Shirts and Bermudas pants or shorts. There is no comparison to their quality clothing and they have shown such consistent effort to make it something that is practical for everyone.

There is so much that Dockers had tried to infused itself into the life of it's consumers, models, actors, singers, entrepreneurs and even the man in the street. If you find yourself fond of everything Docker, perhaps a little video submitted under Dockers contest may get you a shout out in popular The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Many fans of Dockers are now putting their web cams into good use by making a commercial about Dockers. You can view their videos first before deciding how you would like to have yours done. The winner gets their video aired in Jay Leno's talk show.

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