SocialSpark Generates Traffic

There is a new Social Marketing Network that is making waves. It's called SocialSpark. It is now live and open to all bloggers and advertisers. As a blogger, traffic is a top priority of mine. Making money while blogging is also something that has caught on among many bloggers. This is the icing on the cake that everyone is talking about.

How does SocialSpark work, bloggers should make it a point to check it out. You will need to register yourself as a member first. I registered under my name, Constance. Once you have your name up, add your profile information on the required space and don't forget to include your blog. This is the place you should promote yourself. You may add interests, your own shout out and any information you wish to reveal. Your real ranks, traffic information can be viewed or private, it's up to you. Make sure your profile is friendly enough to earn friendly props to other blogger friends. I use a photo illustration identical as what is being used in this blog for my blogger friends to recognize me easily.

Since the official launched, I made many new blogger friends and also got to know some advertisers as well. What I love about this place is that I have started writing for some advertisers and have gotten some posts approved. I love everything in SocialSpark from it's colourful and funky interface to it's ingenious idea of being able to read and view bloggers who have written for similar posts. This way I can learn to improve my writing quality and learn from other bloggers as well. A good quality post will only land you with more jobs from advertisers.

My one and only thumbs down is when I get a message for an approved post, there is no indication of which of the posts that were approved. I could have 3 identical messages but not knowing which 3 of my submitted 5 posts were approved. That takes me one extra step to go into the opportunities I have taken to view it. However, I have confident that in time to come there will be more things that will be improved based on feedbacks. After all, for a start, they deserve my prop for such a site. I really enjoy my time in SocialSpark. Networking, making money blogging, and traffic increase.

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