One More for My Collection

I am working on my collection. Of massagers. I saw this sold at a little kiosk when I was out. It has 2 little round crystal ball and it's shaped like a Y. I gave it a try and it felt deliciously soothing. I had just bought a neck massager 2 weeks so this will be part of my collection. I have quite a few handy ones already but I just couldn't resist this! I also bought 2 previously that has a heavy animal head at the end ( I got a Bear and a Giraffe) from one of those Toons shop. Those are more like knocks and it works well when you need to give your shoulder fist-knocks.

Wonder why I keep buying these? Well my kids are very good in helping Mummy and making Mummy happy. They will bring all these tools and start giving massages when I am on my pc, or just reading the newspapers. Of course I do know their motive too. They want to buy this or that.

So how about that little massage for mummy, girls?


Dora said...

You like the cute massagers huh?! Yeah there r plenty of the cartoon characters in the market now. Do u have 1s-up, (the mushroom in Mario games)? :)

Rozella said...

I've never bought a massager before, but I sure do love getting massaged! :)