My Cherished Moments

This is a picture of Rae taken when she was about 3 years old, in our little cafe. She had just gotten back from a role of a little piggy for her nursery concert. How time flies and how I miss her baby years. I cannot bear to think how fast she will grow into an adult and have her own life.

I guess every mom thinks the same. When they are this young, sometimes they get too attached or sticky to us and we try to let them mingle out more. But now when they are wanting to spend their time with their friends, we miss babying them and feel a little lonely.

Perhaps that is the role of the Mother. We have to learn to be strong to teach them to grow and leave the nest? The role of the Mother should not be for one of the mother alone, but even for those who have guardians who have cared and love a child in his or her growing years. I hope you will come to realize that it is the process of 'mothering' the child. Happy Mother's Day to those who have been the guardians of the young. It could be an aunt, granny, or even the single father.


jepunlauee said...

ya,kids sure grows fast..so you better spend as much time with them..
now all my kids are in their teens..I cant hug and kiss them as when they were still small time..
Miss those wonderful moments..

Taoju said...

JLE's advise really woke me up:). As you know a full time working mum, only weekends is the time to be together and it's not enough to compensate the weekdays. I will apply for my leave soon during their holidays.

Anonymous said...

You are so right,i have the same feeling too, and she is so cute in this picture:-)