Blog Ranking System - Why IZEARanks Works

Two months ago, I was feeling terribly disappointed because my page rank dropped to a zero, overnight. I had been working hard at my blog almost daily and could see from the statistics that my traffic was increasing. However that didn't stop having my blog spanked to zero, to my disappointment. Devastated, and my blog pride took a beating. I thought that was too cruel.

I started reading many discussions and articles about the page rank thingy and though some say it doesn't matter how your page rank fared, somehow in me, it mattered a lot. Page ranking is like an approval from your parents that you've been a done well. What was contradicting was that it's not as if I had lost my traffic or there were no visits to my blog. That was when I found out some truths about page ranking. You can blog but certain rules to follow like no paid reviews allowed. No badges from certain paid posts website either. I remembered how I was grounded with no allowance for playing till almost 11pm at night with some neighbour friends when I was 9 years of age. Lost my allowance for a week unless I changed. It was some kind of punishment.

So that got me thinking hard. I do like paid reviews, because it is part of an encouragement to blog too. Since then, I looked at page ranking with a different perspective and okay, so no page rank is not so bad. I still have my traffic and the people who are still visiting my blog. I am encouraged to blog because of their support, continuously, not the one who sets my page ranking.

So how do I find a ranking that do me justice? That's when I found out about this new ranking system for all bloggers. Called the Izea Ranks, it ranks your blogs according to your traffic in the web. It uses real data collected daily, not several months like the other ranking system, so you actually get real data information. Which is why I think the best way to know if your blog rank has fallen in a few days or in a week. This way you know that you need to do something right now, to keep your bloggers coming back and not wait till you get slapped 2-3 months later and find that you will have to start working hard all over again.

I'm a parent. If I want to punish my child for something she has done wrong, of course I'll let her know now, so she can change, for tomorrow. Not few months later, than spank her again.

I love IZEARanks. They are my parents now. I look at my RealRank data daily and it helps me set my objective. Paste the IZEARank code in your blog after registration and you get your real ranks calculated in no time. It is so simple.

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