My search for a handphone is now intensified. My contract with the local telco is going to expire in July ( gosh, when I am waiting, it seems to get longer and longer, I CAN'T WAIT!). To save a hundred over dollars or more, all I need to do is to continue a fresh two year contract. And trade in my old phone can save me another $150. I am crossing my fingers now that my dear phone can hold on till then.

If I wait longer than July, I'd be looking into getting my iPhone. Otherwise, a Sony Ericsson would suffice. But I want a newer model, that has not been launched, hopefully it will be launched by July to September quarter.

Look at this XPERIA X1 by Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson's phone is just getting sexier and sexier. This phone is very virtually pleasing to the eye, similar to the iPhone. What's sexy about it is that it slides out to reveal the QWERTY keypad. The finishing looks meticulously fine but not sure how the real product will feel. It has a vibrant 3' wide VGA display so the resolution and colours will look absolutely brilliant and sharp. It also works on touchscreen. So you can navigate by finger-touch. Many current mobiles and pda all have these options. It offers only a 3.2 megapixel camera but that is fine by me. I never snap anything larger than 3mp anyway. Don't want to stress myself with storage space. And I won't print anything larger than an A5 either cos high resolution photo papers aren't cheap.

I'm salivating. Should I toss the coin? Xperia X1 or iPhone? sigh...

If the pictures here don't look too appealing, look here.